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Newest Client Testimonyimage

 “I have had great results so far with the JPfitness plan! I am amazed at all the quick and easy drop down options for meal choices which keeps it fun. I also enjoy the benefits of having a coach to give me tips and workout strategies to spice up my workouts. Thanks JP for your motivating pep talks and turning me onto this program. I love it! I hope to be able to show off my results in a few months. Thanks for believing in me.”  – Becky, Lexington, KY





As someone wimageho has worked out most of my life I can truly say I have never felt better.  At the age of 53 I am strong and healthy. My fitness level has improved tremendously and I am confident that it will continue to improve as I practice the nutrition and fitness tips provided by J.P.

Four years ago I made a career change.  I had worked for the same business for 23 years.  I loved that job!  No pressure and great hours.  The change was a challenge.  I found myself working long hours and focusing all of my time and energy on work. Before long a year had passed and I had not been to the gym one time.  I was happy I had made a career change but I was stressed and tired.  I knew I had to get back to my workouts and take care of myself.  Returning to a gym was awkward at first but before long it was routine again and I looked forward to each workout.  The goal at that time was to relieve my stress levels and to simply look and feel better.  I stayed committed and focused on my routine.  The stress levels definitely improved and I was somewhat happy with my progress in the gym.  I weighed 139 lbs and wore a size 8.

After two and a half years of faithful workouts I wanted to see more results.  I was putting the time and effort in, why wasn’t I seeing a change? It was frustrating to see others workout and get results when in my mind I thought I was working harder than anyone. I began asking questions and listening to advise from J.P.   His dedication and commitment to his own fitness was inspiring and motivating.  I listen to every bit of advice he offers.  The guidance and knowledge he has shared with me have been life changing.   In the last six months my results have been incredibimagele. He has helped me understand how nutrition, diet and exercise are all equally important.  J.P. gave me the basics and kept everything simple and easy to follow.  The changes he has suggested in regards to my fitness routines and nutrition have helped me reach goals that I never would have thought possible. I now weigh 122 lbs and I am wearing a size 2.   My body fat percentage has dropped from 32% to 25% in six months. I feel strong and fit and ready to conquer new goals!

Fitness training is clearly J.P.’s passion.  His commitment and dedication to his clients
is obvious.  He is a very good motivator,trainer and friend.  He can help you achieve the results you desire and make it fun in the process.

Lois Elam

 Update: Lois continues to add lean muscle and 4% drop in body fat!





Nichole Bosas

image25 old School teacher

     JP is a very personable guy, with a great sense of humor, who truly cares about you and your goals.  When I first started training with JP, my goals were to build and tone my muscles and reduce my percentage
of body fat; I have seen a change in both.  JP has a vast knowledge regarding nutrition and has helped me come up with a dietary plan that I feel comfortable with.  JP is always showing me new exercise routines
so that I am not doing the same thing again and again.  The great thing about JP is that he will meet you where you are and take you as far as you can go.  I feel confident, more energized, and receive compliments from coworkers, friends and family.



Brittany Proudy     26 yeimagear Mother of twins.                                  See her "Buddy Burn" video on this site

My name is Brittany Prouty. I am a stay at home mother of twin girls. I started coming to JP in September. I started getting serious with working out and following JP's nutrition guidelines in November. He is very experienced and great with getting people motivated with his help I have lost 35lbs and went from a size 12 to a size 6.









34 Year old Engineerimage


Last year I was at a point in my fitness program that I had reached a plateau and become bored. JP showed me how to monitor my diet, calorie intake, measurements and always found a way to motivate me. I have a few obstacles health wise, but he has been able to give me some direction and encourage me.

What I value most is the strength and energy I have regained for dealing with my day to day life with lots of stress.  He is a great trainer, motivator and friend who has helped me more than words can describe. JP is passionate about fitness, nutrition and life. You will notice it through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to your workouts.

He will be fully committed to your success and he will do everything possible to keep you motivated and looking forward to your transformation.

- Elsa