Full Body Workout

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WORK OUT Guide A  (Use for Four to Six Weeks)

Every Work Out

Warm Up-Static Stretching- 2-4 minutes -Cardio-Elliptical, Treadmill, walk, and jog.  8-10 minutes

Core Training – (Alternate movements, but always four sets except Core and Cardio days, 8 sets).

                Planks- two sets hold 30 to 60 seconds each set.

                Crunches/ Stability ball

                 Reverse Crunches, Cross Knee Crunches, Back extensions, One Leg Hip extensions


UPPER BODY (Monday and Thursday) (Three sets each body parts- 12, 10 and 8 reps)

Shoulders- dumbbell shoulder presses or military press with barbell

Chest- Dumbbell flat bench presses, or barbells Presses (or pushups)

Arms- Dumbbell curls, bench dips and or dumbbell kickbacks

Back- Dumbbell Heavy pants pull ups, Dumbbell lawn mowers. (Alternatively, cable lat pull downs)

CARDIO/ CORE DAY (Wednesday)

 8 core exercises (see above, or your choice) 2 sets each choice

30 to 40 minutes of Cardio (Elliptical, spin, Treadmill, jog)

LOWER BODY (Tuesday and Friday) Three sets each body parts- 12, 10 and 8 reps

Quads and Glutes- Squats (body weight 1st set, last 2 sets use dumbbells). 

Glutes- Front lunges alternating legs.  Back step lunges alternating legs.   Stability ball, or chair or bench kickbacks.

Calves- Toe raises with or without dumbbells.

Hamstrings (Glutes) – Dumbbell deadlifts and or back extensions.

End session Time 20 to 30 minutes

Record your workout and sets.  Keeping track helps, you stay on track with your training.


“The walk of fitness travels on the two legs of Exercise and Nutrition”